Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Today, on my birthday, I'm at a birth!! Is there a better way to celebrate? I think not! Today is spent serving an amazing woman and her husband as they meet their first child, but I'll get pampered soon. Dan and I will celebrate me on Monday night. Not sure what he's got planned, but it probably involves good food.

On a day like this, I do enjoy looking back and remembering what's happened. Here's my Top 10 list for my year 29:

1. Definitely the number 1 thing I've done this year is become a foster mom. So far, it's the most challenging and life changing experience I've had. Looking forward to years filled with loving little lives!!

2. My doula business really picked up. I've had to say "no" to 5 potential clients now!

3. I potty trained Lazarus. It was easy. So easy, in fact, that I completely forgot to update y'all but he does it all on his own. Seriously, though. He yells at you if you leave the door open. The man wants the paper and a few minutes to himself. It's awesome. So there's your update...hopefully you weren't holding your breath....

4. I attended my 10 year High school reunion. WOW.

5. Family vacation on Lake Michigan and my first solo weekend away to Detroit.

6. Rearranged the living room. It doesn't sound like much, but our new set up has really encouraged more family time and rough play with the boys. We're having a blast!

7. I ran a 5k! And started running in general. I know, I know. It shocks me sometimes, too.

8. I hit the 150 sale mark in my etsy shop City Thistle.

9. I had abdominal surgery. I survived, although I it was so much worse than post partum recovery.

10. I began my What I Wore blog project. What a fun challenge it's been!

I am so incredibly thankful for my 29 years of life. What a surprise it's been!! The places I've traveled to, the friends and community I have enjoyed, family nearby and learning new skills, the challenges of marriage and's been such a blessing. My life belongs to the Lord and I'm just glad he's using me, even if it's in little behind the scene kind of ways.

Now to get cracking on my 30 before 30 list!!!


  1. Happy Birthday fellow Scorpio! I'm still celebrating mine (4th), and got to celebrate my uncle's 80th yesterday, sister is next week, sister in law and friend day before me, cousin day basically what i'm saying is SCORPIOS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great day Bethany! I've probably said this before but my grandparents on my mom's side always had foster kids in the home. One of them is my Uncle Bobby, my mom's baby brother. My family wouldn't be complete without him. Yay for you guys!

  2. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bethany! what a neat way to spend your birthday! Being a doula sounds like such an amazing job - what a great thing to be a part of. I hope you felt extra loved and celebrated this weekend!