I am a doula and have a small jewelry business. I love reading, thrifting and connecting with people in my community wherever that may be. As a volunteer with FORAI, I teach young refugee and immigrant women how to make jewelry. I am passionate about many things: natural childbirth, cloth diapering, parenting, good design, great deals and the church overseas to name a few.

I married the love of my life in 2005. 
He's a seminary student to most, but so much more to me and my boys.

I am the mother of two boys, Elijah and Lazarus.

After spending two years in Malawi, we landed in St. Louis. We've been state side for three years now and I still get annoyed in the canned soup isle; too many choices! Still, St. Louis is our home for the next 2 years and I'm okay with that. I hope to spend this time growing as a wife, mother, friend, doula, volunteer, crafter, cloth diaperer, and potty trainer. I am looking forward to being still for a while. Still in St. Louis.