Monday, November 12, 2012

Am I a Mommy Blogger??

I am a mom who has a blog, but does that make me a mommy blogger? To me, a mommy blogger is someone who yes, has kids, but also blogs with amazing DIY Halloween costume ideas, toddler projects and posts regular recipes with only mashed bananas and applesauce as sweeteners. I guess I'm the mommy blogger who reads those blogs and then posts pics of my boys attempting said toddler projects. And hey, I'm totally fine with that!!

Painting with glitter glue and coloring with Bingo markers, all from the $1 store!

Bathtub pain = $1 store shaving cream and food coloring!

Sometimes, Elijah practices blowing up balloons. It's the only time I will get a few minutes of silence out of him!

I've been feeling pretty lazy as a mom lately. Not sure what it is, but let's just say my four year old has quite the attitude problem, most likely because I've been somewhere else mentally. I've can become too task oriented in the evenings and that leaves my boys aggravated and sensitive. SO, I made a recent trip to the $1 store for some craft supplies and have declared afternoons to be "Fun hands on mommy/kid craft time!!! Let's get filthy!" Sometimes we bake, sometimes we glue and sometimes we paint the bathtub red. It's been a blast and I've enjoyed the mess and the conversation. Elijah has been doing much better emotionally as well. I think quality time is his love language. I can't forget that!

And now for a mommy blog link hop! Here are my most recent favs out there in the blogosphere :
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Pumpkin Muffins (I put walnuts, dried cranberries and flax seed in them...very good and very healthy!)
Make Your Own SLIME (only 2 ingredients!)
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Seen these posts before? Do you have any cool projects or recipes you've tried recently? Do you have an amazing mommy blog that I can start stalking?


  1. that looks like so much fun! I'm sure every mom feels like that sometimes and I'm sure a huge part is that age - my nephew is three and a half and lately my sister keeps saying how much attitude he's had lately!

    1. Katie-that is comforting, although I wouldn't wish a bossy 3 year old on my worst enemy! :)

  2. Okay, your blog is awesome. So funny too because that is exactly how I picture mom bloggers. I guess I am one too-but I have never posted one DIY project. Love the pics of your boys doing them! Can't wait till mine is old enough to do some of those! We might be able to do the shaving cream thing though!

    1. I know! I'm just thankful there are moms out there with expensive cameras and the organizational skills to make it easier for the rest of us :)