Sunday, July 8, 2012

Beach Vacation

This is the second year our family has vacationed together at Lake Michigan. We stay at a beautiful rustic Pottery Barn beach house surrounded by trees, sand dunes and views of the lake on a private beach. It's truly the perfect vacation spot.

The beach.


The gals.

The fourth.

 Food and games.


The cousins.


We are back in St. Louis and miss everyone already. It's strange being back home with only two kids under my feet. This vacation was exactly what we needed but now, it's back to real life. I'm nervous about the weeks to come and all the unknowns around the corner. I'm also very thankful it's Sunday and I can spend the day praying and resting in a God who knows and cares.


  1. looks like a fabulous vacation! that cottage....oh my. LOVE the pic of you all at the table. classic.

    no worries b, it will all work out just as it should. you'll be grand.

  2. This looks so fun! Do you mind sharing the info on the beach house? And how far is it from St. Louis? We went to Hilton Head this summer, and 15 hours was a stretch!

  3. It's a private house owned by my sister's friends who are so sweet to share it with us!! We stayed in Ludington MI which is a sweet little town right on the lake. Our first year there, it rained a lot but we still found things to do in town. This year, we had sun all week and spent little to no money as we just swam every day! it was 11 hours from st. louis :)

  4. Thanks for sharing. The house is beautiful! I'll add Ludington to our possibilities for next year :)