Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What WE Wore Wednesday!

I had an amazing weekend in Detroit with my dear cousin Errin. She and I are just 9 months apart and grew up as distant twins. She was always the city mouse living up north and I the country mouse in the deep south. We have endless amounts of pictures with the two of us dressed alike. We've always had similar taste, even in the 90's! Errin was actually the one who taught me how to hair spray my bangs into a 3 inch wave above my forehead. What would I have done without her?!

Errin picked me up from the airport on Saturday morning and immediately commented on my outfit.  When we got to her adorable house, she went straight to her closet and picked out the same exact outfit, piece by piece!! It was hilarious and yet made so much sense.

Best part is, each of our outfits are completely thrifted!

Gray Dress : Clothing swap, Free!; Brand: Be Bop
Striped Shirt :   TJMaxx, $3 (clearance); Brand: Mary Jane
Scarf : Clothing swap, Free! Brand: Unkown
Leggins :  F21, $3.50
Boots : Family Thrift, $3; Vintage

Total Cost: $9.50!!

 For the record, we did not go out together in matching outfits. We just did the photo shoot for fun.

My weekend was so fun! I slept in until I felt like waking up. I read a book. I thrifted without a million snacks in my purse and whiny boys in my cart. This time, I got to be the one with a snack while I cream! It was a blast! 

We came across these gems:


{I bought the plates!}

We visited the most amazing thrift store I have ever stepped foot in. It had your usual clothing and brick-a-brak, but then the store continued into a very large room with extremely organized craft supplies. Buttons, stamps, yarn, stickers, scrapbook paper and supplies, scissors, tape, and so much more. Each category was carefully separated and labeled for easy shopping.

They had a fabric wall with remnants of every size. Each one had a tag indicating the yardage and price. It was unbelievable!

Errin wasn't the only family member I got to hug on while in Detroit. I have numerous uncles, aunts and cousins who live there as well as my dear grandma Joan. We all met up for dinner at the family restaurant for pizza at Mother's.
{Aunt Patti and my Gramma - I love these women to pieces!! }

It was a pretty quick weekend, but I enjoyed traveling by myself and seeing my dear family. Now, I'm back, folding loads of laundry and trying to keep Lazzy from eating markers. Ahh...home sweet home.


  1. So many comments. First, how awesome Errin had the same outfit. That's hilarious. Second, good for you for taking some you time. Lastly, you found the perfect thrift store, one that's organized and tidy. You must have been in heaven. Good for you.

    1. dan said "if bethany robbins ran a thrift store, it would be organized like this one!". it was so fun to shop there!!

  2. I really enjoyed hanging out with the Robbins gang.

    And the weather didn't hurt, either: 70 degrees in the evening. We won't get warmed up like that in Seattle until August (whine, whine).

    Tom Robbins