Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Being stuck is one of the worst feelings. When you are in the last place you'd like to be, with absolutely no way out, it's suffocating.

Stuck in a rut
Stuck in a bad job
Stuck in the rain
Stuck in traffic

Currently, I am stuck in my bed, unable to move without five minutes of shifting my weight and a handful of huffs and puffs. I had abdominal surgery last week. What was supposed to be a laparoscopic procedure turned into a 5 inch incision on my already imperfect belly. I had no intention of talking about it here, but after 7 full days in bed, I have no choice. I am completely stuck and it sucks.

Like many other times in my life when I've been stuck, it seems that time is the only thing that helps. It's certainly true in this case. Thankfully, my home has been filled with friends, family, babysitters and yummy food. Dan has been the greatest Mr. Mom and I'm super proud. I have been completely taken care of and now I know that love helps the healing process speed up a little bit. I'm thankful that so many people have come alongside my family to remind me of this : I know I won't be stuck forever.

A few good things have come out of these bed ridden days. I've made plenty of new jewelry items for my busy little Etsy shop and I've rounded up a few links I think you'll all enjoy. 
But first, my latest Esty favs :)

Triangles Screen-Printed Loop Circle Scarf infinity Spring

Chevron Weave : BLACK Chevron Legwarmers w/ Ivory Woven Ribbon (Item no. 2-2) LARGE BAG grey and white

For further reading:

Apparment Therapy, you've done it again: 10 Charming Home Libraries. I cannot let my husband see this, or we'll be moving for sure!

Julie Anne Art : DIY Repurposed Spice Rack. Why didn't I think of that?

Keiko Lynn : Thank you for the Kate Spade Fashion week round up! I'm loving all the colorful retro tones. Teal and orange always make me happy.

Uber Chic for Cheap gave me some new ideas for my next up-do. The Gibson Tuck tutorial is an old standby, but I'm excited to try the others.

It's a new week and I'm looking forward to possibly leaving my house. My first post op appointment is Wednesday. I'm also looking forward to hugging my kids again and possibly getting out of bed to read books on the couch. It's the small thing, you know?

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  1. Oh no! I hope your recovery is a speedy one. So glad it sounds like you are being taken care of so well.