Sunday, October 7, 2012

Autumn in Tennessee

Once a semester, I take the lil' boys with me to Nashville so Dan can turn our home into a candle lit cave where he studies in silence. October is my absolute favorite time to visit the 'rents. Color takes over the hillside and cooler weather calls us back outdoors.

Lazzy fell in love with my mom's little flower garden.

We started calling it "Lazzy's Secret Garden".

We've enjoyed cool sunny days at the playground.

Elijah taught Lazzy how to go down the "Fire Man pole".

Not only did Dan need alone time, but I needed to reconnect with friends from another life. My 10 year high school reunion happened, and it was actually fun! These pictures make me so happy. I enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting tiny baby new ones last week. It's amazing how 10 years really looks good on people. All that change and experience, making us much more interesting people than the selfish teenagers we used to be, ha!

Went antuiqing.

We toured Popcorn Sutton's Whiskey Distillery where my brother works.

We're on the road home today. Thankfully we're not making the trip alone but we have papa with us on the way home.


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