Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Change Will Do Ya Good

Dan and I purchased a real rug this week. By real, I mean it's made of wool, is more than .5cm thick and was bought from a real store (not craigslist, a thrift store or a garage sale). It was an amazing clearance deal from Target with FREE shipping!! I was so excited about it when it came, I dragged it up the stairs and rearranged the living room all during nap time!

Before, our living room was wonderful, colorful and functional. But, with the introduction of our new soft thick 8 x 10 rug, I got inspired to open up the room a little bit more. I didn't want the rug to be covered up by any furniture, either. So this is what we got:


I just love how open our living room is now! The (craigslist) rocking chair and (goodwill outlet) ottoman  will get much more use now that it's out of the corner. I plan to do lots of cuddling in that old wooden chair :)

We are driving back to St. Louis today and I can't wait to sit and catch up with Dan in our new living room tonight!


  1. Great improvement and what a practical colour, as well as showing off the furniture. Enjoy!

  2. I like how the couch faces out. It feels welcoming.

  3. Oh coincidence! I've been admiring this rug for a while... Now I get to see it "in action".

    Nice way of energizing the space! Particularly love the rocking chair —so friendly!— and the little white vent on the wall...