Sunday, November 18, 2012

Top 10 - Activities to do With Sick Kids

I am so so very thankful for my healthy family. We do not have allergies (besides mine toward dogs...) and we rarely get sick. Colds usually pass us by, we've never dealt with ear infections and we generally get to play all winter without a care in the world. This week though, our friends have been dropping like flies. Kids and parents alike are falling down with flu like symptoms and I've just stood by, praying for them and hoping it wouldn't hit us next.

Well, Elijah got hit. Not hard, but it was enough to create about 10 loads of laundry in one day. I literally didn't know what to do! Actually, I did some of the things I learned you're NOT supposed to do with a kid who is throwing up. Still learning the sick ropes.

Even though it was just one day (really, just one afternoon), Elijah and I felt SO trapped at home. I had to get real creative to help pass the time and distract him from his hunger pains. And poor Lazzy didn't get to play outside at all! This is my Top 10 list of activities to do with sick kids at home:

1. Toys in bed. I really wanted Elijah to stay in one place. Preferably an area that didn't have a couch or a rug in sight and could be easily cleaned should something "sick" occur. I brought him his duplos in bed and he built towers and race tracks all while "resting" in his safe towel covered bed. He also enjoyed his travel car mat. Seriously, you gotta get one!

2. Crafts in bed. Cookie sheets make great lap tables for little ones. Bring in a few crayons, colorful paper and stickers (or band aids if you're all out!) and a glue stick. Let them go wild!

3. Movie Day. Pile up the blankets (and towels, duh.) and sit in front of the tube. Our choices were Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and Muppets from Outer Space. What little kids doesn't want to watch movies all day?

4. Give them a fun bath! When you have sick kids, the bathtub is the only safe place to play. If anything "sick" should happen, it's easy clean up! As well, you can create a pretty fun space for them within those safe shallow walls. Thankfully, I had just picked up 15 glow sticks from the Target $1 section. A glow in the dark bath was a big hit! You can also make your own bath paints.
{glow bath lasted about 55 minutes. not bad, not bad at all.}

7. Oyster crackers toss! No, not that type of toss...Saltines are boring, but those little "cracker balls" as Elijah puts it are pretty fun. We had a blast trying to throw them into each other's mouths. It distracts him from the fact that he's only had crackers to eat all day and definitely counts as an activity.

8. Steamy Mirror Pictures. There is nothing like hot steam for a nasty winter cough. Run the shower (or take one!! you wouldn't want to waste a perfectly good shower!) and let you child draw pictures on the steamy mirror.

9. Model Magic and Color Wonder. These two artsy items are amazing. They fulfill every kids desire to color, mold and make something wonderful but without all the mess. Perfect for a little sicky who's stuck in bed.

10. Video Chat. All I ever want when I'm sick is to be with my mom. It's the same when the boys are sick, too! We all climb into bed (bring towels, always bring towels...) and call up the most comforting person alive for a little chat.

These things helped us pass the time but I do think a happy cheery sick day helps the body to heal. Thankfully, Eijah got better pretty quickly. He's back to his silly self.

We are off now to Indianapolis (and Chicago!!) for Thanksgiving. Yay! Our big plans for the week are not ruined.


  1. I don't have sick kids but I have been sick this week so I read this in hopes of finding suggestions for me when I am sick. I wish I had a car mat.

    1. sorry you're sick! did you try the cracker toss game? hehe...

  2. Oh how I remember those days of tending to sick little ones. It's hard work but can be some of the most precious times.

    1. so true. elijah is NOT a cuddler unless he's sick, so i actually look forward to when he's feeling a little under the weather.

  3. i love the oyster toss one! what a good idea! enjoy your trip!!

  4. What fun ideas! Thanks for sharing :)

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