Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Favorites

 It's Friday. My week was cray cray! BUT, I'm happy to say, not only did we live through it, we've all grown a little bit. Big sister fell asleep peacefully tonight without anyone holding her! Baby sister is growing and growing (now that she is actually eating the correct amount of food each day) and brothers are adjusting well.

I've gotten better at managing four chillins and my mutli-tasking skills could totally beat up your mutli-tasking skills! The laundry and dishes have yet to actually "pile up" and the boys are doing well with their vacuuming chores so the house isn't too dirty. I have a plethora of saints to thank for helping me keep it all together - you know who you are!

Still, I haven't had any time to browse Etsy shops, let alone answer emails from clients and work on my two businesses. We've been in survival mode since last Wednesday. Luckily for you, I do have a new favorite thing to share: Crayola Color Wonder markers and drawing pads!!

Big sister really likes to color. It might even be therapeutic for her. She did well with crayons for a day or two and then suddenly, half of our books were completely scribbled on. Walls, toys and Target receipts were marked by big sister's need to scribble frantically. I was one frustrated foster mom (even though I wasn't surprised). We had to get rid of any and all writing utensils, until, I found Crayola Color Wonder markers!!

I remember coloring on Muppets pads like these when I was little. The paper had small colored ink dots and if you ran the marker or a wet paint brush over the paper, bright colors would appear. I LOVED those things!! Well, this is the new and improved version of that.

The only down side is that they are expensive!! Still, it's cheaper than replacing books and repainting the walls! Remember the saints I mentioned above? They have graciously supplied us with Color Wonder markers and coloring books as well as Target gift cards so I can keep stocking up when needed. I eventually plan to move back towards using crayons as I think it's important to teach kids responsibility in the arts department. For now, I just want big sister to be happy, to have something calming that she can do at the kitchen table while I cook and sing to her.

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  1. we love color wonder. I have found a few for 50¢ at the thrift markers but just save your markers from the other books. Not that you have time to go to the thrift store, but you will again soon :)