Monday, August 13, 2012

On Being THAT Mom

My day began at 2am when I got called to a birth....It was a false alarm. Note to all you pregnant ladies out there, if you're still talking during contractions while eating strawberries, it's probably not the real deal. Almost every first time mom is guilty of this. I know I was!

Anyway, I slept for 2 more hours before my Sunday really picked up. We managed to get to church despite a certain angsty four year old, two particularly cranky tots and one tired baby. Our big boy cried his way through all of worship, making Dan late to teach the youth Sunday school. What's worse is I had to climb a bazzillion stairs (with a sleeping baby in the sling) trying to sort each child out in their respective places for the morning. Even worse, Elijah never did give us a reason for his fit. I guess he was overdue seeing as how it had been 24 since his last freak out session..

Eventually, Eli settled down, the tots played in the nursery and I had the eldest and the baby with me during the sermon (proving my earlier point about middle children!). I sat in the very back, rolled out our travel car mat and called it good. About 3 minutes into the sermon, I was distracted by a shocking realization :  I am THAT mom, sitting in the back while her kids played with toys. DURING CHURCH!

NO! This can't be me! How did this happen? My children will participate. My children will listen and pray along with the adults because they've been trained to do so, and they will love it! My children won't need to read the words on the big screen because they've memorized every word to every worship song, in their various different languages (we attend a multi-lingual church)!

Well, it happened and I got over it as soon as I saw Elijah and baby girl whisper giggling to each other on the floor together while God's word echoed throughout the sanctuary. Elijah got to learn more about communion and I was ministered to in the midst of a hectic day.

I ended up seeing another client that afternoon....yup. another false alarm. At least I got to sit in church though!

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  1. Haha! I didn't even get to finish your post. I got so distracted by the car mat because I, too, have recently become THAT MOM that I was frantically trying to find where to buy one. lol! :) I'm not sure I've been successful, though, in tracking it down.