Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WIWW (THRIFTED) - If I Wore My Blog

I got an adorable new gray dress while I was in Seattle last month. I love wearing cotton dresses on rainy days because they look so great with my rain boots! When paired with a yellow long sleeved shirt, I match my blog!

Elijah and I collaborated on the photography with this one, so enjoy the bad lighting and awkward angles. Oh, and the added accessory (who also happens to be wearing a matching yellow dipe).

 This was the best full body shot I could get of myself.

I wanted gray and yellow earrings, so I quickly made some. I think it inspired me to make gray and yellow jewelry for my shop! I'll keep you posted on that.

Well you get the idea. This shabby WIWW post really makes me appreciate my photographer. I should lay up on all the teasing and maybe think about paying him with peanut M&M's.

From Head to Toe:

Yellow Long Sleeve : Goodwill, $1.99; Brand: Mossimo
Striped Dress : Seattle Goodwill, $6, Brand: Old Navy
Leggins : Goodwill, $3; Brand: Mossimo
Boots: Target Sale, $15 (sorry, not on sale anymore)

Total Outfit Cost: $25.99
{not including my new lip stain. i've only worn it twice. jury's still out.}

Where did I go/what did I do in this outfit?

FORAI with the kids
General housework
General chasing
Some hootin' and hollerin', train playin' and dancin'.
Just another day in paradise.


  1. i love the lip stain! and this outfit is adorable!! amazing thrifting finds :)

  2. Yellow and gray remind me of spring daffodils in Seattle!

  3. Love the dress, grey & white stripes is one of my favorites combinations.

  4. thanks for the comment on my blog today! I LOVE this outfit - grey and yellow are two of my favorite colors together and you look adorable!

  5. Don't you love thrift stores?! I usually get most of my duds and most of my children's duds at thrift stores. They are so wonderful. Love the post!