Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What HE Wore Wednesday and Other Thrifting adventures.

As you know, we've been enjoying ourselves in Seattle this week. Our eyes are dried out from staring at the amazing mountain views and we've been eating Thai food till our bellies hurt.  I've also gone out with Laz to do some killer thrifting in Ballard, the neighborhood Dan grew up in. I can't wait to share some of my finds with all of you, but first, here is a thrifted outfit of Elijah's. 

Dan's mom Candace is a pre-school teacher and Elijah got to go with her to school this week! I thought we would share one of his thrifted outfits on his very first day of school.

My favorite thrifted item Elijah wears is his army green coat. It was $1 from Goodwill Outlet and will probably fit for next winter, too!

Lazzy had to get in on the photo shoot, of course.

And there he goes. Off to school!

While Eli was at school, I got to visit an amazing Goodwill thrift store. The prices were much steeper than I am used to, but I think it was worth it. I got 2 dresses, a sweater, 2 shirts, shoes, a HUGE curtain panel (I have other plans for it!) and some other things for the boys.

Ok, now let's play Eye Spy! See any treasures in that pile of pillows?

I grabbed this awesome turquoise and red pillow, originally from Pier 1. We are praying about fostering and adopting girls soon (more on that later) so I've started keeping my eye out for things just like this pillow.  I've begun to pick up girly things here and there, just so long as it will all fit in one 56 quart tub. 

See anything cute here?

I spotted these super cute heels. Finally, a pair I can actually wear without falling over! These are in absolute perfect condition. It's no Goodwill Outlet find, but I figured $12 for a new pair of comfortable heels was a steal!

Alright, that's it for now. You'll have to wait for more WIWW posts to see my other finds. It was a fun day with lots of second guessing and re-evaluating. Laz was pooped. He had a great 1 hour nap while we shopped. Good boy.

Thanks to Auntie Claire and baby Knox for keeping us company and joining me in the very important editing process by verbally processing together.
Group Photo!


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