Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What They Wore Wednesday

Yes, they make me cry, but they make me smile WAY more! These two boys are absolutely adorable. They both love to dress up. The glasses, hats and boot choices are endless. Besides our actual dress up box, the boys are pretty opinionated about their usual dress on a normal day, too.

These two are an inspiration to me :)
Both of the jackets above cost me a total of $1.00!
(Lazzy's Baby Gap jacket is from the Covenant Seminary free store. Elijah's Old Navy coat is from Goodwill Outlet)

Elijah's Style

Lazzy's Style

Hats are hand-me-downs, shoes almost always come from grandma and everything else is either thrifted or from the free store at my husband's school. With a 6 year old boy cousin, we rarely spend money on clothes. Accessories are from the Dollar store. Anything new they get is straight from the Target clearance rack. I always buy for the next season in the next size up. Great way to save!! 

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  1. they are just plain adorable :) i catch myself dressing Logan in stripes almost everyday. it's a problem ;)