Monday, October 22, 2012

Brothers - Bed Time Buds

Lately, the boys have been sharing a bed. It all began one night when Elijah was convinced his brother was afraid. Elijah slept with Laz in the bottom bunk and they did fine. No early wake up time. Nothing. THEN, Dan allowed Lazarus to climb to the top bunk (against my better judgment). He was SO excited about this that every night since, he climbs right up and insists he sleep with Elijah. AND, Lazarus has not yet learned how to get down, so wake up time is even LATER. THANK YOU DAN!!

Good thing his older brother is an extrovert, even in his sleep, and allows Laz to share the only thing that we protect as his.
We are going on night 16 of this and there's no sign of these bed time buddies breaking up their slumber party. It simply melts my heart.


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