Sunday, September 30, 2012

Do Your Kids Make You Cry?

Seriously, do they? Mine do!!

It's rare, as I only cry about once every 3 months, but my kids definitely brought me to a place of tears the other day. It was the constant arguing, cries from another room because one particular boy was just. being. mean. On and on and on, the typical "I don't want to..." bratty phrases, all in the background while I'm trying to provide fun activities and healthy food for these rascals. Being yelled at by a cave man stuck in a 2 yr old's body to get off the potty ("dah! no! me pot pot!!") is what pushed me over the edge.

In some ways, my kids are like bullies. They push and push and push your buttons until you crack. I used to think it was a mother's job to always be gentle, kind and patient. Now I know that it's more important to be honest (with a filter of course). Children need to know that their parents are human. We have a great opportunity to graciously teach them how to apologize and accept forgiveness.

The other day, Dan walked in just as I was setting the table for two particularly naughty boys. Dan caught my eyes and I teared up and said "the boys are being SO mean to me today." and went to my room for a cry. After a few minutes, they all came in and covered me with kisses and affection and "mom, your the best. we love you! thanks for dinner!". See?? If I had held it together, my little guys would have continued to grow into grade A brats. Thanks to my sweet husband, they were taught how to dry a lady's tears.

These two little people are certainly not perfect, but I SO enjoy spending time with them, even when they make me cry.

Someone's got to teach them that women can be sensitive. It might as well be their mother.

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  1. i think it also teaches them that men can be sensitive too. good lessons.