Friday, October 26, 2012

Our Last Fall Break

I don't have Etsy shops for you today, but I do have a plethora of cutie boy pictures to share. This week was Dan's last fall break of his seminary career. HIS. LAST. FALL. BREAK. FOLKS!!

We spent the week outdoors in the last short sleeved weather of the year. Our first adventure was at Powder Valley Nature Reserve. They have a sweet little indoor explore area and paths to hike on.

Next stop was the Museum of Transportation. I cannot believe it's taken us 3 years to get there! The car museum was fun but the boys wanted to climb!

They liked the trains best.

Inside the trains!

Lazzy had a couple of falls, but that's to be expected.

Best thing about these activities : it wears the kids out!!

This is our final year of seminary and although we'll stick around a bit after graduation, we still want to check a few more St. Louis activities off our list. Glad we got these two in!!

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  1. sounds like a perfect dream day for any boy!! what cute pictures!!