Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dan Says the Darndest Things!

It's been a stressful time here at the Robbins home. When we got placed with our foster girls two months ago, our work load as parents doubled, wait....it actually probably tripled! Anyways, Dan has been very tired which means he is constantly making me laugh with comment that can only come from a person who is only half awake. Not only did he call one of our girls by the name "Vienna Sausages" for a while (both he and Eli could never remember her name, ha!), but he also provided me with these gems:

Dan - "I signed up for Amazon Prime today! It was only $40 because I'm a student!"

Me - "Wait, didn't we talk about doing that a looooooong time ago?"

Dan - "Well, we forgot. I think we talked about it but then our life was destroyed and then we got pooped on."

Me - "What are we doing tomorrow?"

Dan - "We're gong to sell the kids for a million bucks and then go to Bermuda."


After a long day, we're laying in bed and Dan says to me "Ugh, I don't want to change anymore diapers. . . I don't want tomorrow to happen."


The truth is, Dan loves our children and the ones that aren't ours. He is always willing to play games or read books or encourage pretend play with the kids. He's always pretty open about his impatience but he's actually pretty dang great at being a dad. I just don't think he knows it.

I just love it when the kids are in bed and he allows himself to be cranky tired. It's hilarious! 


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