Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Baby is Back

The girls weren't gone 24 hours yet, but Lazarus had no problem reclaiming his position as baby in the family.  I've never seen him act like such a baby before! Suddenly, he needed his mama like he needs air. The boy would not stay off my person! We ended up napping together, because, well, it's so cozy! Plus, I was enjoying the new freedom I had to just lay around and cuddle my little boy. It was wonderful, but it brought on even more attachment problems.

Bed time rolled around and he literally begged to sleep in my bed. I said "no" of course and I put him in his bed with the door shut (which he can't that cruel? i mean, his brother can open it if needed...ok we just realllly needed space!). Dan and I just couldn't wait to sleep through the night and actually wake up at a decent morning hour. All we asked for was 6am or later people! 

He cried at the door. It was the longest 3 minutes and 47 seconds of my life. Then, silence. I figured he'd given up and went to cuddle his blankie in his own totally hip bunk bed, fitted with Ikea bedding. A two year old should want that over his mama's bed, right?

When I came in much later to check on his position, the door wouldn't open but an inch. Come to find out, he'd been here all along:

Thankfully, it only took the one night to break him and he's happily sleeping in his own bed now, but man, that was adorable. And sad. But mostly adorable!

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  1. It's not cruel. When we moved into our place one of the bedrooms had the door handle reversed so the lock is on the outside of the door...don't think I don't use it from time to time on my boy! I never leave it locked through the night because I am paranoid of what will happen, but usually a simple "you can stay in your bed and have your door cracked or if you get out of your bed and I will close your door and lock it," works like a charm (almost) every time.