Thursday, July 19, 2012

Suddenly Outnumbered

Last night, we successfully had three sleeping children in the bunk room by 9pm. The fourth child slumbered as long as she was in my anxious arms. It wasn't the best night of sleep I've had, but I'm surprised I even closed my eyes!

On Tuesday afternoon, we got a call from a case worker wanting to place two little girls in our home and by 7pm last night, Dan and I suddenly found ourselves outnumbered.

We now have four children aged 4, 3, almost 2 and 6 months old!!!

I've been crying on and off ever since I go that call yesterday. I've had deep mixed feelings of excitement, terror and absolute anger (anger because of where these girls are coming from). It's been a true test for me to let myself feel these things while also knowing when to suck it up and get things ready. It's been a roller coaster, let's just say that :)

I so wish I could write more about these precious little girls, to introduce you to them so you could see their glowing eyes. Just know that they are truly a great fit for the Robbins clan and we are honored to share our home with them.


  1. Prayer for yall and these sweet girls...and your boys as everyone adjusts!

  2. that is absolutely fantastic news! Cheers and prayers for an easy and beautiful transition.

  3. No matter where they have come from, you have the opportunity to change their whole world. Good for you for being so brave and loving! <3

  4. Prayers for your family and for these two new blessings you now have in your care!

  5. I can't say it enough: You and your family are doing an AMAZING thing. You're an inspiration on so many levels. Stay strong, as always. I'm sending prayers up for The Robbins and your new additions.