Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What I Wore - Red Dots

It's been warm and rainy here in the midwest. That means lots of up-do's for my hair! I tried out a new one the other day and really liked it. Perfect for second day hair.

Outfit details:

Headband : Urban Outfitters, $4.99
Top : Yard sale, $2; Brand unknown
Jeans : Family Thrift, $4.00; Brand: DKNY
Shoes : Seattle Goodwill, $12; Culture

 Hair Inspiration - Mine didn't turn out quite as awesome, but I plan on perfecting it :). It took me about 3 minutes to do, one small elastic and a few bobby pins to tuck the end of my braid under.

Seriously, this is one to do while waiting at the bank drive through or something rediculous like that. Super easy yet impressive.


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