Thursday, August 9, 2012

Baby in the Middle

Lately, our calm mild tempered little guy has been doing a lot of this around the house:
Is it possible he's a bit jealous?

 Lazarus is my cuddler. He absolutely without a doubt knows he is loved after a nice long cuddle sesh. Before the girls arrived, I still called him "baby" even though I'm planning his 2nd birthday party! The boy is potty trained but he's my littlest and still a bit chubby. That makes him my baby, right?!

Well, there's a new baby in town and although he absolutely adores his little foster sister, I think he's wishing he could go back in time a bit.

Lazzy loves checking out all the baby seats in the house. He even gets mad if baby is occupying a seat.

Typically, the middle child is the forgotten one, overlooked and pushed aside. Honestly, I think this happens because they are so used to sitting down while the oldest makes a fuss about everything (at least that's how it is in our house!). The problem is, another baby enters the picture and the old baby learns to deal with their new position in the middle. They are not dramatic enough to keep up with the oldest and wouldn't dare give too much attention to the new baby....thus, stuck in the middle they become.

I have to be super careful to still cuddle my Lazzy rascal. He NEEDS me to squeeze him tight and repeat "I love you!" a million times over. It's been proven that the more I cuddle Laz (not all the time but when he needs it), the fewer times he gets himself stuck underneath the couch. 

Note to self : Start and end each day with Lazzy cuddles. My home will have more peace because of it!


  1. Congratulations on the new addition: nice to hear that a child has a new home who might otherwise be missing out on being part of a family (with all it entails for the others!). Good luck and hope Lazzy gets used to the idea soon - for all your sakes!

    1. Thanks Isobel! He's actually doing alright. I think it was a tooth issue, ha!

      Still cuddling him day and night, though. He's growing up too fast and soon, he won't want those cuddles!!