Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What I Wore - Crazy Braid

I know, I look tired. I feel tired. 
 Every time I'm out with the kids, I get looks, both of affection and sweetness towards all four of my tiny tots, as well as  looks of absolute shock. Stranger after stranger says things like: 

"Wow, you've got your hands full!"
My reply: "Yup, wanna lend me one of yours?"

"Oh my, are they twins?"
Um, well, two of them are 7 months apart, but two of them are developmentally on the same level even though they are 18 months apart...but no. There are no twins.

"I'll be you're tired!"
Ya think??

"Oh sweet little angels. Are they all yours??"
Temporarily, yes. If you're offering to take one, go for it!
Just kidding, I've never actually said that :)

Anyways, on to the outift.

Bird Blouse : $3; H&M
Skirt : Family Thrift,  $4; Ralph Lauren
Shoes : Random Michigan Goodwill, $5; Vintage

Simple. No jewelry. Just a really crazy braid!
{hair tutorial HERE!}

My younger sister does not wear jewelry. I always thought it was a little weird, especially since jewelry is the easiest way to take an outfit from drab to fab (wow, I just said that.). She doesn't wear jewelry but she does do her hair and has some pretty cute styles and hair pins. Lately, I've been trying to do interesting things to my hair, too. I think it helps distract people from the dark bags that have parked beneath my eyes. Baby girl loves to pull on my hair and necklaces, so crazy braid is all I've got left!


  1. ha! thanks for telling everyone how drab my outfits are!!

    1. i had to make sure you were still reading the blog ;)

  2. what a cute outfit!! and your hair is beautiful!! and I think you look very put together four kids or not! :)