Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Goodwill Outlet: $18.00

{wow. let's try this again. last week, there was a blogger glitch but i promise, we really are traveling today!}

The Robbins are traveling to Seattle today, woohoo! So, instead of my usual "What I Wore Wednesday" post, I wanted to share my latest Goodwill outlet finds!

So what can you get at your local Goodwill Outlet for $18?? A lot!! Especially if you have children, the Goodwill Outlet is a treasure trove for your little ones, and it's not all crap! Trust me. Our particular location has a drop off spot, so we often find very new items

Lego Bricks, box half full, probably 500 pieces in it with a few animals, wheels, people and windows. Wooden baby toy and vintage Pick Up Sticks game.

55 piece train track with 7 Thomas trains. I don't love Thomas (seriously, most boring snobby kids show!) but these trains are built to last and are very expensive new. When my boys grow out of the train stage (or we move far away, which ever comes first), I will definitely make some money off these guys!

Three brand new Gerber onesies, size 24 months for Laz. Just in time, too because he's been bustin' out of his 18 month shirts, especially while wearing cloth diapers.

I also picked up a pair of boy's Keens sandals, some little people, fabric scraps, three vintage books, a camera case and some picture frames for my shop. Goodwill outlet is my substitute for garage sales in the winter months. Be sure and check out my post with tips on how to thrift successfully. I've got a thrifting date scheduled while in Seattle and cannot wait to see what people are giving away!

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  1. we bought my girls their very first "real" lego's for Christmas this year. They play with the one set so much, I wish we could get more! But dude, legos are SO expensive!

    Nice find!

    I haven't thrifted since the beginning of December, got kinda burned out with the whole ugly sweater thing. I need to get back on the horse...