Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Homebirth Children's Book

I am so excited about this book! I had every intention of buying it, but then I won it through a giveaway. Even better!!

Honestly, I get excited every time I hear about another homebirth children's book. I feel like birth is one of those topics our children would easily understand if we just took the time to tell them about it. Kids are open to crazy ideas (like living on a round revolving planet!)and they aren't afraid to be blunt. Kids don't even know to squirm at the subject of birth yet. So why don't we meet them where they're at?

Most children's literature about birth only highlight mom and dad going to the hospital and then someone magically becomes an older brother or sister. Who was born at Home is a new one out there on the shelves, trying to educate children of the growing popular (and at one time, the most popular) choice to give birth at home.

I'm just glad another book about homebirth is out there, on the shelves and in homes. Perhaps books like these will help parents to feel more comfortable about the subject of birth in general.

What makes you squeamish when it comes to the "baby" talk? Have any of you had great talks about birth with your kids?


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