Saturday, July 17, 2010

Deals by the yard

Life has been pretty busy since we got back from Seattle. So busy in fact that yard sales have been put on the back burner. Finally, Eli and I had a free Saturday morning. We set out to visit the yards of our neighbors in search of a good deal.

Here's what we got for a total of $16. Prepare to be shocked.
(sorry no pictures-i, shrink brain, lost my camera charger and the new one won't arrive until next week.)

$5-A bag of barely worn women's clothing. The bag includes 2 dresses, 3 skirts, 4 tops and a pair of pants. Brand names are Banana Republic, Anthropologie, GAP, The Limited and J Crew. I plan to share these with the Jensen girls.

$1-Linens: Two Queen sized white flat sheets (perfect for our upcoming home birth!), Large rectangular light gray table cloth with a beautiful white leaf design, two sets of linen napkins with red and gray stripes, and two kitchen towels.

$3-Baby clothes: 2 adorable sweater hoodies for Flannery, various newborn pieces for Lazarus and a waterproof windbreaker for Eli.

$7-gDiapers!! I don't even use this brand but I know people who do and also know what they are going for on craigslist. I got a brand new starter kit, size small including 10 gRefills (retails for $29.99). I also got 8 more barely used gDiapers with 20 trays size Medium in white and orange (retails for $16.99 each!).

I left the house with very low expectations but came home bragging. I couldn't believe the deals today! It was also my second time to score on cloth diapers. Last summer, I got 6 brand new Fuzzi Bunz diapers with inserts for less than $10. It just goes to show, it pays to look around, even if you've had a few disappointing Saturdays in a row. Keep getting out there!

One more tip-Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings are a great time to browse the Free section of craigslist. Many people are setting out garage sale leftovers and they often include pictures in their posts. Just search for neighborhoods near you and make time for a quick drive. You never know whats out there. It could be something you were looking for!

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  1. gdiapers work awesome. You should try some with cloth inserts. Newborn prefolds with great!