Friday, July 16, 2010

The Zoo times 2

Elijah and I went to the zoo twice this week! During summer months, the zoo opens at 8am which is great for us morning people. Plus, you can go before it gets too busy and too hot in the day. Elijah and I have been loving the carousel rides. Elijah's first choice is always the elephant, but since we can ride it as much as we want before 9am, he gets to switch things up. The penguin and the ostrich are his second and third favorites.

The pictures below crack me up. Eli LOVES this ride. He giggles and squeals like a girl at the mention of it. But, for some reason, he shows absolutely no feelings of joy or happiness while on the ride. I ask him "are you having fun??" and he responds with a straight face "uh huh-awesome". From the look on his face, you would think riding the carousel was some form of discipline.


  1. HAHA, that is too cute. Hey - I want to make your hooter hider! Shall I pick some fabric from my stash? Any particular colors you're loving right now? Hope you're well!!

  2. I can so relate! My friend had Áine on her lap and was swinging with her. Áine had that same face Eli has. My friend was like "does she like this?" I was like, "believe it or not, she is loving it." She looks like that when I push her in the swing, too, and the swings are her favorite thing at the park.
    I am so jealous that your zoo is free, I seriously have no desire to pay out the tail end to go to Woodland park when I know your zoo is better and free! We need to come visit St. Louis!