Friday, July 16, 2010

Shrink Brain

"Shrink Brain" has become my official nickname during pregnancy. It all started while I was pregnant with Eli and suddenly couldn't remember anything! This is especially humbling for me, someone who likes to be on time and on top of things. As well, forgetfulness is a huge pet peeve and often is the source of my frustration towards Dan. During pregnancy, the tables turn and I find myself eating humble pie on a daily basis.

Last week, I forgot about Eli's vaccination appointment. Thankfully the nurses call you with a last minute reminder, otherwise, we would have had to reschedule (for the third time!). I have forgotten to switch the laundry, return important phone calls and emails, and have even forgotten to give Eli snacks or change his diaper. It's as if I am living in my own fuzzy world.

Yesterday, I received a call from my best friend. She was just calling to let me know that I had not only forgotten her birthday, but her son's as well. The funny thing about it was I had NOT forgotten the birthdays. In fact, I talked to Dan about it as well as other people. It just never occurred to me that I should call them and talk to them about it, ha!

The endearing term "shrink brain" came about when we learned that a women's brain actually shrinks by as much as 8% of its original size. The brain isn't losing cells, but the cells themselves are shrinking. There are a few ideas as to why this happens. My theory is that the baby literally sucks everything out of you, brains included! The brain doesn't return to normal until about 6 months postpartum, so you might still hear Dan calling me "shrink brain" well after Lazarus arrives.


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