Saturday, July 17, 2010

Book Review: Welcome With Love

A few months ago, I was on the look out for a good children's book that would prepare Eli for the upcoming homebirth. I found very little to work with, but did get a few suggestions from friends as well as my mom. They all recommended the book Welcome With Love by Jenni Overend.

After searching for it online and seeing the price on ($50!), I felt defeated. Yesterday, I was at the library and my friend Alyssa came around the corner with book in hand thinking I would be interested. AND I WAS! I read it to Elijah numerous times throughout the day and managed to cry every time.

The story is written from an older brother's perspective. His older siblings got to be there for his birth, but he has never seen one himself. The boy helps his father gather fire wood as they prepare the home for a birth. He watches him mom lean on his dad for support while moaning through contractions. After all the waiting, the little boy and his older siblings watch the baby come out, each with different reactions. It is such a sweet story, well written and beautifully illustrated.

Eventually, I would love to own it, but I am still looking for a reasonably priced copy. For some reason, this book is very hard to find and the prices are all over the map. Good thing the library had it!


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