Friday, July 30, 2010

Betty Bins is back!

Remember that time I had a root canal done in Malawi? Remember the fears I had about looking like this:
(Betty Bins is my stage name if you's a name that just screams "I'm a hillbilly!")

Well, today, that fear became a reality for me. After a rough morning, Dan and I sat down for lunch while Eli napped. Seconds later, my tooth completely breaks off after taking a bite of pizza. I was in shock. Since getting that root canal, I've had numerous night mares where my tooth breaks off. It's not every day that someone can say their worst night mare literally came true.
Poor Dan has had the worst birthday weekend so far. First the potty accidents, then working all night, then his humiliated wife refuses to go out on a free romantic date. I owe him big time!

Remember that time I blogged about HOPE? I still believe all those things, but am not feeling very hopeful right now. Our insurance may or may not cover a new crown and we won't know that information for another 2-3 weeks. Wait, something else is supposed to happen in about 2-3 weeks...there is something I am supposed to do....hmmm.....oh yeah! GIVE BIRTH!!!

I am not leaving the house until Monday when I can possibly see a seminary grad, now dentist, who might be able to do the work at a deep discount. Although I'm sure he will be financially gracious, I may be toothless unless he agrees to do the work for free. This is terrible timing! Until Monday, I'll be home reading scriptures about hope and God being in control. It will be the only thing keeping me from complete depression.


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