Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday picnic

Sadly, this was not the type of picnic out in an open field in the shade of a Willow tree. Still, it was fun (and adorable!). Elijah lined up all his friends, gave them each a cup and continued to fill them with hot coffee for the next 45 minutes. Of course, he made sure to tell his friends that the coffee is "HOT".

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  1. This just shows how different kids are--Áine would never just sit for 45 minutes like that unless we set a timer and make her play independently. Even then, we usually do not do more than 30 minutes because much longer than that she is going nuts for some social interaction. I used to get frustrated that she would not play on her own very much until V came along and I realized he is the kind of kid that can sit for 45 minutes and play with 1 baby toy and I just realized it is a personality thing for her, not a "spoiled" thing. Thankfully she will be pretty cooperative when we set the timer because I think it is important that she have at least a small chuck of time on her own each day. Anyway, these pictures are adorable!