Friday, July 30, 2010

Anyone need convincing??

If there is anyone out there who has considered cloth diapering but still needs a little convincing, take 5 minutes and read this article. It's got some alarming facts but will also suggest a specific cloth diapering choice that might work for you.

This article covers the many different options of diapering altogether and gives good tips no matter what you choose.

Diaper Wars explores the argument that cloth diapering is just as bad as using disposables because of the chemicals in soaps and wasted water. Dan likes to make fun of this theory by stating "If we are wasting so much water, why don't we start wearing disposable clothing and underwear? Let's just wear it one day and then throw it away!". My husband makes me laugh.

If you're still not convinced, consider THIS disposable diaper that has absolutely no negative effect on the environment (courtesy of SNL). I myself want to try the Corn Chowder flavor!


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