Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What We Wore - Red Boots

The last time we visited Nashville, my mom sent Lazzy home with a pair of red cowboy boots. He LOVES them!!!! And so do I :)
We didn't plan it, but last Sunday, Lazarus and I went to church in red boots. It made my southern heart SO glad!

Purple Dress : Family Thrift, $4
Wooden necklace : Vintage jewelry sale, $1
Leggings : Goodwill, $1 (new!); Xhileration
Red Boots : Family Thrift $4

$10 outfit!


  1. Jack has read boots, too! Bring them on the trip, and the boys can be twins for the night.

  2. oh my goodness, so cute!!!!

    i've already boxed them up though :( we're living out of our van for 4 weeks, so no room for extras like red boots.