Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Exploring Our Town - City Museum!

THIS is City Museum. It's located in downtown St. Louis and is expensive, but totally worth it!
Dan and I have planned to come here on a date night without children, but it just didn't work out. Today, we decided the kids were old enough to do most of the climbing and activities and boy, were we right!! Lazarus pretty much led the way up the highest tunnels and down the steepest slides!

We started in the giant ball pit. We lost Lazzy a few times, but he had a blast!

 After the ball pit, we stayed outside for all of the wire tunnels, ladders and slides. I really felt like a rat in these things! Everything is wildly connected and there are a hundred different directions you could go. Thankfully, my boys led the way and we. went. UP.


 The see-through wire made it very fun to climb, because you could see how high you were getting. For Dan and I, it was no big deal (even though many of these tunnels were swaying a bit with all the movement and wind!). But how did my boys not pee their pants while looking down??

We went down slide after slide after slide. Everywhere you turn, there is another slide. It was awesome-but kind of scary. Some were very steep, others super narrow (remember-I'm preggers!). Some of them you didn't know where they ended and I was afraid we'd lose the kids!

One of them led us down to a dungeon like basement room and we had to crawl through dark cement tunnels to get back to the ground level!

Here, the boys are cheering for me "you can do it mama!" as I literally wiggle on my belly through a very narrow tunnel.

 Lots of holes and dark tunnels leading to God knows where...thankfully Elijah was very good about "helping" Lazarus not to run away from us!
{literally a hole in the ground!}

 About to go down another slide (yipee.....). I know you're jealous of my photogenic kids-I'll hire them out for smiling lessons if anyone is interested. We need the money!

The inside of the museum has dozens of tunnels and slides as well as more museum-y type stuff and a small aquarium.

We spent a total of 4 hours here and still could have done more. If you're in St. Louis, GO TO HERE! If you have small kids, you'll still have fun. If you're old or pregnant, GO! I promise, there is something for everyone here!

Just wear close toed shoes and do NOT bring your purse. Back packs are okay, but for some of the smaller slides and tunnels, you have to move it to the front. Oh, and be sure to save time for an epic nap afterwards. You'll be sure to pass out, even in the midst of a dramatic puppet show!

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  1. I LOVE that puppet show / nap picture. So great! "I refused to be enterained!"