Friday, June 7, 2013

It's A ......

Human Baby!!

{hoping for another thumb sucker!}

This week, our family got to see the new baby via ultrasound. It was so so sweet to see it moving around! Another little person, growing and taking shape. Things get very real at this point in pregnancy. The kicks become harder, the hiccups are felt from the inside and you are reminded of the miracle of life.

This time around, we decided not to find out the gender. Believe me, it's not easy for me to have a person growing inside my body and not know who the heck it is. I loved knowing my boys in advance, naming them and connecting with them in that way. But this time, I really wanted the experience of surprise at the very end.


We went to our ultrasound appointment. A dear friend from church actually did a nice long appointment with us (complete with 8 printed pictures! that must be a record!). Dan and I then decided we did want to find out! It was too hard to be looking at the baby with the boys and not know who it was! Thankfully, our friend was able to see from multiple angles that baby is indeed

A GIRL!!!!!!

Dan and I were both in shock. It took a while for me to really trust our friend, but I could see for myself. It's a baby girl!!! That explains the horrible first 13 weeks, filled with lots of vomiting and 4 naps a day.

God has changed my views on family planning over the last year and I'm genuinely excited to add another human to our family, no matter the gender. But, it's pretty great that God decided to gift me a girl :)


  1. Yay!!! So excited about little Robbins girl!!

  2. oh my goodness, this is so exciting! It's a whole different ballgame, a really great ballgame!

    1. i love my boys, but i'm ready for some RUFFLES up in here!!!

    2. Ruffles are the BEST (although really hard to iron). So excited for Baby GIRL Robbins!!

  3. congratulations on your girl!! that is so exciting! i don't know how people don't find out!

    1. i know! i'm just not self disciplined enough to wait. it didn't help that it was my good friend doing the ultrasound! i don't think she could have kept it a secret :)

  4. Yay! We're on the girl train together this time around! We were in utter shock too. I was mega-prepared for a boy.