Thursday, June 20, 2013

Take the Long Way Home

The moving truck came on Tuesday. Everything is packed up, the apartment is clean and we've had our goodbye party. It's time to go!!!

Today, we drive away from our St. Louis home and begin the long journey out west. We start with a week in Nashville for my little sister's wedding.

We've got family in Alabama, friends in Baton Rouge and Austin, and since we love testing our two boys, we decided to camp a million nights in the desert until we wander into our new hometown in the great North West.

Clearly we chose the shortest direct route from St. Louis, MO to Bellingham, WA.

If the map is followed carefully and everyone sticks to schedule, it should take us 12 days (leaving from Nashville next week). Too bad I'll be stopping to pee every 17 minutes, pushing our arrival date back to sometime after the baby is born in the middle of Montana.

Wish us luck!!!


  1. Praying for you, Robbins family! And excited to be able to see you this year! Yay for living in the same state. :) love, Marina

  2. When you are driving from Nashville to Alabama, you could take a small detour and see us in Corinth. We are right in the corner very close to TN and AL. We would love to see y'all.