Tuesday, June 18, 2013

TempleTouch Review and GIVEAWAY!

I can count on one hand the amount of times my boys have been feverish. It's so rare, we actually did not own a thermometer until recently! I had to buy a cheap Target brand thermometer for one of our foster babies who came to us with a high fever. I was never really sure if it worked or if the reading was accurate. It's one thing to be relaxed about your own children's illnesses but the pressure is on when taking care of children who are not your own!

You can imagine my relief when I received a fancy-schmancy Temple Touch thermometer. Finally, I'm a real mom with the right tools and quality equipment to help me do my job! And just in time for baby number three.

Those poky thermometers are THE worst. You know you've been there: middle of the night with a screaming baby, and you're trying to get that stick of a thing inside the sleep sack, through the tiny neck hole and under a chubby arm. Yes! You're in! But now, you've got to wait 10-30 seconds until you hear the beeps of freedom ring (they need an "ultra loud" option so you can hear the beeps above all the screaming!). Then, the inevitable happens. Baby squirms our of your grasp, the stick is stuck in the sleep sack, and now you're fishing for it while it's beeping at you and baby is crying and.....

I'd rather not, thank you. The Temple Touch is really super simple and works great on any aged child, whether asleep or awake. It's so quick, you can literally sneak up on your child and get a good temperature read before they can say "mama, poo poo doggy toots!" (because my kids say stuff like that all the time...).

Here are a few more sophisticated reasons why this thermometer rocks:

AWARD-WINNING! TempleTouch Premium:
-  So popular that one is sold every minute in the US; available in thousands of retail locations
-  Family friendly, safe and gentle enough to use a on sleeping newborn
-  Clinically Accurate (Meets ASTM Accuracy requirements)
-  TWO Measurement Locations: Temple AND Underarm
-  Instant measurement, only 6 – 8 seconds
-  Does not cross-contaminate germs across family members
-  Also displays room temperature (see video on how to get a room reading)
-  Large and easy to read back-lighted LCD
-  Over Dose Protective Timer (ODPT®) helps remind you of your child’s next medicine dose!
-  Memory-Recall of the last reading recorded
-  Celsius/Fahrenheit scale (see video on how to switch from one to the other)
-  Simple to operate, no scanning required

Convinced yet? Good! Now it's time for you to get yours for FREE!! Mamas, aunts, babysitters - if you're ever taking care of someone small, you'll be happy you've got this little gadget in your tool box!

To Enter:

-Simply leave a comment! You can tell me about your little ones, or give me your best "I hate those generic stick thermometers" story, just so I know I'm not alone. 

-Make sure you're following via bloglovin before you comment, too :) I'll have my kids pick a winner (because I'm an over achiever) and announce it here on the blog on June 25th.

Giveaway ends June 24th at midnight, central time. Now spread the word!


  1. Brad and I were JUST talking about how we need one of these!! BOTH kiddos had fevers last week (that later turned into hand foot and mouth disease. GROSS). Having one of these thermometers would have made a horrible time just a bit easier. Not as much chasing sick children around to get under their arms. ;)

  2. My little one just turned a year and currently is running a fever right now!! I'd love a fancy schmancy thermometer!

  3. With Baby #3 coming in August, I'd love a new quality thermometer! Thanks!

  4. you make me chuckle as I nod in agreement. funny how nothing seems too expensive when its middle of the night and you just want to sleep.

  5. you make me chuckle as I nod in agreement. funny how nothing seems too expensive when its middle of the night and you just want to sleep.

  6. Nice! You would think I would have one of these with 6 kids but no I've got that $4 target poky thermometer! Pick me!

  7. I believe I am following via bloglovin, and I'd love to win! Also, I'd love to see y'all soon, but that really is happening!

  8. I want to win, I can't find ours since we moved and I hate that thing anyway! I think I follow you through bloglivin, does that just mean subscribing to your blog. Happy travels to you, hope the camping goes well.

  9. I follow with bloglovin and I'd love an accurate thermometer! We have a baby coming in August and this would be perfect timing. :)