Sunday, June 23, 2013

Nashville Vacation : Part 1

We arrived at the Meeksarosa in the Tennessee hills. It's time to relax, play outside and enjoy the country air. We've got a few days before wedding festivities begin, so we're soaking it all in.

Grandma and Flannery danced to Irish music.

Lazzy joined in, too.

Fishing at the pond!

I got beat by toddlers at Candy Land. Even worse, it was the Winnie the Pooh version.

Lazzy's obsession with guitars was encouraged by grandpa.

This is how we throw play dates in the country. We got a mega slip n' slide, a kiddie pool, food, drink and music!

Don't forget the Lego station!

Dad made us all cry with his new song about adding branches to the family tree. Between my little sister getting married this week and the 6th grandchild on the way, this song was a tear jerker!!

Lazzy took a break and THIS....

 ...quickly turned into THIS....

...which turned into this for an hour.

We've had a wonderful time with family so far. Cousins playing happily together makes my heart so full!!


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