Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What I Wore - 14 Weeks

Well, I'm almost 14 weeks and am feeling much better. I'm in shock because it took 16 weeks to feel better with either of the boys. My energy is still low and I'm craving bagels like mad! I've definitely gained some weight already (not sure how much...) but being pregnant in America is so awesome!! Mac & Cheese at your finger tips. ALL. THE. TIME. I've converted to Annie's Organic-it makes me feel better about the large quantities I inhale on a weekly basis.

Elijah is home from school now (more on that later) so we're off to the Botanical Gardens today!

This hat was an awesome find. Our local Goodwill gets loads of new merch from Target that didn't sell. This hat was only $3!! I love the shade it provides for my fair skinned face and the wind has yet to knock it off my head. Love it!!

Outfit details:

Hat : Goodwill, $3; Mossimo
Necklace : I made it :)
Dress : Goodwill (in Chicago), $4; Motherhood Maternity
{I bought it and wore it often with a belt and cardigan and boots this winter. I'm happy to be wearing it as a true maternity dress, now!}
Sandals : Walmart (last summer), $9


  1. I need to know what Goodwill you go to! Ours are awful!

    And you look adorable.

    1. Goodwill on Forest Park (in central west end) and the Goodwill in Sunset Hills (south of Kirkwood on Watson) both have AWESOME new Target stuff all the time!

  2. I don't know; I still see Kraft Macaroni and Cheese as the gold standard.
    Of course, a lot depends on the preparation, and there are different schools of thought on that. I personally am strongly in the camp of those who pull it off the stove before it gets fully cooked, because that gives a more intense flavor to the sauce. Noodles left in too long have absorbed so much water that it dilutes all that cheesy goodness that the food scientists at Kraft have labored to perfect.