Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Favorites - Reading

Just some things I've been reading lately:

I'm always always always keenly aware of the male/female relationships around me. Having had two older brothers myself, I have clear ideas of how I want my boys to protect, honor and love their younger sister if they had one. But they don't have one yet, so we talk a lot about how to protect, honor and love the girls in their church, classroom, playground and community. And I ALWAYS stress for them to be super helpful and sweet towards mamas :)

Don't close your eyes or look away. Porn is a serious issue in our culture and it's getting worse. This article (written by a father!) was so good! I know this will be an ongoing conversation in our house, but I bookmarked this article because I felt he explained very well the heartache behind it all.

Deaths are DOWN and the heroes of the story aren't who you think
The story you've heard about AIDS in Africa is wrong. I think this article sheds some much needed light on this subject. In America, we push birth control to prevent abortions. In Africa, we push condoms to prevent AIDS. But that's a problem for married couples who want families! In their case, a religious standpoint is very helpful in encouraging a lifestyle of monogamy and faithfulness which then has brought AIDS numbers down.

"There is no ambiguity in the data: Religion has been central to curbing the spread of HIV in local communities across sub-Saharan Africa. Measurable changes and improvements were detectablebefore PEPFAR and Gates dollars started rolling in. "

Interesting. This article was sent to us by a beloved missionary doctor currently living and working in Malawi, SE Africa.

Just some light reading for the weekend ;) You might be relieved to know I picked up the second Hunger Games novel and am LOVING IT! I didn't read the first...saw the movie (finally! just a few weeks ago, ha! i'm so behind in pop-culture). I'll give you a minute to judge me.

Now, I don't have much time to read, so I'm cramming in book number two before the movie comes out in the fall.


  1. you missed so much not reading the first book!! After you get through the second, which will probably leave you HAVING to read the third immediately you should probably go back and read the first :)

    1. I KNOW!! when it was popular a while ago, i was advised not to read/watch any hunger games because i'm super sensitive to killing/violence. but then, on a whim, dan and i watched the movie on netflix and now i am HOOKED!!!

  2. thanks so much for sharing my post 3 Things I Want My Son to Know About Porn. i appreciate it!

    1. absolutely brandon! i so appreciate the time and heart it took for you to write it. as a mother of two boys, i'm constantly praying for them to have pure hearts before the Lord. i know this takes nothing less than full devotion, repentance and absolute dependence on God. your blog article will help us a lot, too :)