Monday, May 6, 2013

Kids Say the Darndest Things - Attitude

Elijah continues to give me such great material for this blog. There are so many things throughout the day that I forget, but sometimes I remember to write them down. Here are a few new ones for ya.

We are driving home from an awesome play date which ended on a sour note (due to Elijah's attitude).

Elijah : "Mom, I just had such a sad day."

Me : "Awe, honey. I'm so sorry you feel that way." ( I was ready to explain to him that he actually had a wonderful day, but that he feels sad about how it ended...)

Elijah : "Mom, I'm not feeling that way. It's just how my day really was!"


Lately, Elijah has been creating hilarious cut downs for when he's angry with us. He's practically name calling in his anger, but they are so funny, I have a hard time taking him seriously!

Here are some of my favorites (all said with an angry voice and scrunched up nose):

- Mr. One Man Show

- Mr. Stinky Pete

-Little Kicker

-Tickle Tootie Schmootie

-Funny Pants

Of course, we give him talks about name calling and how we just need to communicate frustration instead of stuffing it and acting out. BUT, we have to give him credit for his creativity!


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