Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What I Wore - Boring Mom Outfit

Boring mom attire, but it fits. Well, my shirt's working hard, but I'm not complaining.

Top : Old Navy clearance, $2
Necklace : Me
Jeans : Forever21, $10.50 (yeah...this is the last year I can confidently shop there, right? is there a store designated for moms in their 30's?)
Heals : Family Thrift, $6

Side braid pony tail inspired by Katniss. I'm in the middle of book number three. Can't put it down!!

I've gone a few days without a nap and feeling pretty good. Afternoons are tough, but I pull through with two little rascals keeping me on my feet. Today, I walked in on Lazzy making his own chocolate milk, only without milk. Yup, just a cup with chocolate sauce in the bottom, ready to be mixed.

Between one boy's drama and the other splashing his face with dirty toilet water, it's a wonder I'm able to sit down between 7am and 9pm. Good thing we're headed to the hills tomorrow!! I'm so excited to spend time with my family and celebrate my little sister at her wedding shower!

Also looking forward to finishing Mockingjay!


  1. those shoes are so cute! and I love your hair!!!!

  2. A.) Congrats on the pregnancy!!

    B.) Oh, Mockingjay. I was 3/4 through it when we went on a weekend retreat with friends. Thankfully, all of the girls had read it so they graciously let me hole up in our room for a couple of hours so I could finish it :)

    C.) Confession: I am 35 and still shop at Forever 21. HOWEVER, I am very selective about what I purchase and and obsessively careful about not buying something that is just way out of my age bracket. But they do have some fun pieces that still work in your 30's!

  3. Ha! This is the kind of thing I wear every day. Minus the shoes and cute hair, so I must be even more boring.

  4. LOVED the hunger games! I think I read them all in less than a week! I was up a lot feeding my first so I had a lot of time :) Enjoy!