Friday, May 31, 2013

Elijah's (actual) Birthday-How We Celebrate

Elijah turned 5.
Oh, you heard?
Well, I do like the kid. I also like celebrating birthdays, so yes, this is my third "Elijah's 5th Birthday" post in 5 days. Enjoy!

Phase 1 
We started the day at 8:20am. Our tradition is to visit the zoo (even if we've just been twice the week before!). Summer hours are early and people get there quick, so I felt a little late when we arrived 20 minutes after opening.

The zoo is free (!!!) but there are some things that cost money after the 1st hour, like the carousel and the children's zoo. We were there early enough to enjoy even those things for free!

Our tradition has been to spend money on a zoo train ride for birthdays only. This year, Elijah requested a face painting instead. It was awesome!

A benefit to having just gone to the zoo - no pressure to see everything! We mosied around a bit then headed home before the heat set in.
{thanks for smiling guys...}

Phase 2-a walk to the park and cupcakes!
"Yook mama! I find a stick!"

Phase 3-presents!
($5 from the after Christmas Target toy sale!! make fun all you like, but it pays to purchase gifts in January!!)
-Bow and arrow
-Rock n' Roll shirts and a Batman hat

It was such an awesome day just rejoicing in the life of our Elijah. It's been a wonderful time just the four of us, too. Especially after so much activity these last few weeks.


  1. happy birthday to elijah!! I love your boy's hair! I want some like it! :)

  2. maybe your baby girl will be blessed with locks like theirs :) seriously though, the highlights kill me!!!