Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Top 10 - Why I Appreciate Elijah

Today's is Elijah's 5th birthday. This weirds me out on many levels! Was it really 5 years ago that I gave birth for the first time? Am I that old that I have a kid who is completely out of diapers and toddler stage? How did I live without this guy? Life was SO boring!! Not only do I love Elijah, but I really really like him. I appreciate what he brings to our family and can totally see how and why God created him specifically for the Robbins clan.

Here's my top 10 reasons (among thousands!!) that I appreciate Elijah:

10. He's creative. He is artistic. He loves to create new things out of old materials. He's resourceful. This makes for very fun days!!

9. He is goofy. This boy writes hilarious songs, is always in character and laughs at all my jokes.

8. He's like me. Any parent can understand how this one is both good and bad. Elijah and I get each other. I understand where his hurts come from and I know how to love him. BUT, it's hard to always be looking in a mirror and seeing your faults. I've learned a lot about myself through knowing Elijah.

7. He is friendly. Elijah has never met a stranger. He can be anyone's friend! He remembers names easily and often works hard to include everyone on the playground. Elijah's class made a "Goodbye, We'll Miss You" poster for his last day of school and 18 of 20 kids mentioned that Elijah was their "best friend" and "such a good nice friend to play with".
{playing in the street with the neighborhood kids}

6. He values friendship. If Elijah hasn't seen a friend in a while, he will send a letter. Keeping up with relationships is very important. He thinks of those he loves and prays for their health and well being. He prays for his foster siblings all the time. He truly cares!!

5. He's thoughtful. His social awareness skills are through the roof. One day, Dan and I had to drive separately to church. As the boys all got in Dan's car, Elijah hesitated, looked at me (getting in the van by myself) and shouted:

"WAIT! What about YOU mom?? You'll be so lonely all by yourself! Are you okay?"

4. He is brave. Elijah loves trying new things and genuinely enjoys each new experience. He's the first to raise his hand to volunteer, the first to try a new food or to hold a baby crocodile (I couldn't do it!). When Dan and I were bungee jumping in Zimbabwe, Elijah asked "When is it MY turn??".

3. He's emotional, yet flexible. Elijah is passionate and emotional. he realllllly feeeeeelllls, if you know what I mean. BUT, he's still flexible about what he eats, what he wears and where he sleeps (closet? airplane floor? in a bed with 4 other kids? totally fine with him!). I am SO thankful for that!!!

2. He's outgoing and adventurous. Every morning, he asks the same questions : Where are we going? What are we going to do?
It doesn't matter what the answer is. He's up for anything! Including 36 hour journeys to foreign countries!

1. He's my first born. He's the baby that taught me how to parent. He's the toddler who broke me and stripped me of all selfishness. He's the boy who inspires me every day. He challenges me to look beyond the surface and choose grace.

Happy 5th Birthday to my big boy Elijah Forrest Goodnight Robbins!!


  1. Happy Birthday Elijah! This means my big girl is 5 in just 3 weeks! AH! I told her that today and then she kept telling me "my birthday is in 3 seven days?!?!" I didn't really understand her and then realized she was telling me 3 weeks would be 7 days 3 times! Then she started singing the days of the week song 3 times in a row. Ha!

  2. Yes, he is all of that, and more!
    Happy birthday, Elijah!