Friday, April 5, 2013


I LOVE my glasses. Other people LOVE my glasses, too. On a daily basis, I hear people say while walking by "Oh, I love your frames!" and I've even had a few strangers ask to try them on. People want to know where to get them and I'm happy to share that information!

I've never bought glasses from an online store. In years past, I've gone to Costco or Lense Crafters, used my insurance all up and gotten whatever they had at the store. Now, without vision insurance, I was on a mission to find something affordable that I LOVED, especially since I'd be paying out of pocket.

When I came across, I was elated. They had brands and styles that I've imagined and dreamed of, but could never find in a low end store. If you've never shopped with coastal before, you're first pair is FREE!! AND, if you've had your eyes on my eyes (!), my current frames are on sale for $79!!

Alright, now, on top of that, is having a BIG sale: 50% off your order with FREE SHIPPING, too!!! You cannot beat that!!

I've been so impressed by this company, I think I'll grab a second pair this week. Here are my favorites so far:

(at $99, these babies would only cost $50 with coatings and free shipping!)

(These are the most expensive at $169, but with 50% off, still a great deal!)

($89, the cheapest but they are most like my current glasses, which is why I probably love them so much!)

I'll ask Dan. He helped me pick out my last pair when I couldn't decide!


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