Sunday, April 7, 2013

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Elijah was adding numbers in the car.

Elijah : "Five plus five is TEN!"
Me : "Yeah, that's right Eli!"
Elijah : "Mom, I was just talking to myself. You don't have to encourage me."



Elijah : "Mom, let's play Captain Planet! We can all be planeteers with our rings and we can pretend it's the 90's because that was SO long ago, right?"


Elijah : "Mom, my breath is bothering me."

Me : "Go brush your teeth babe."

Elijah : "Oh, yeah, that will fix it!"


Elijah : "My birthday is May 21st, right mom?"

Me : "Um, it's May 29th."

Elijah : "How do you always remember??"

Me : "Oh babe, I'll never forget the day you were born."

Elijah : "That's 'cause it was SO AWESOME!"

Me : "And painful...."


Eli : "You know who my best friend is? Amos. And Ezra."

Dan and I : "That's so sweet. They are great friends."

Eli : "And my brother, and you and my mom. And, well, just everybody is my best-est friends. Isn't that nice?"


And now for some Lazzy phrases:

When he's annoyed with something (like trying to take his pants off but can't get his feet out) he'll say:
"Mama, this b-bugging to me."

The other day, Elijah was pestering his brother and Lazzy shouted
"Brover! G-get out m-my f-face!!!"

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  1. Ah - brotherly love - glad to see it's still the same!