Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What I Wore - Making Room

Cardigan : Goodwill, $1; Merona
Blouse : GAP Clearance, $4
Necklace : Made by me :)
Stretchy pants (yes, they're maternity!) : Kangaroo Kids (a local resale shop for kids and expecting mamas), $9; Brand unknown
Most comfortable Black Flats EVER: Payless, $15 (with coupon)

Total : $29

 This little blouse was such a great find. I usually wear it with a belt, but these days, I'm thankful for the extra room! You just can't beat teal polka dots AND ruffles!!

Getting dressed is such a challenge these days! I'm just thankful for the warmer weather now that I've got my little stretchy pants and comfy flats. I just switch out a roomy blouse and call it good. First trimester is almost over but I have a nagging feeling the crummy belly pains will not disappear for a while.

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  1. that blouse is SO cute! I love it! you look adorable!