Friday, March 29, 2013

First Trimester Favorites

How I get through the first trimester:

-B-6/B-12/Folic Acid dissolving tablets : Trader Joe's has an inexpensive under the tongue vitamin that tastes fruity. I don't know about you, but those prenatal horse pills just ain't going down during the first trimester. Problem is, folic acid is very important for early fetal development and the B vitamins help with energy and nausea. Thank you TJ's for helping a mama out!

Juice/Vitamin Water : Regular water seems to make me feel very ill.

SLEEP : The first few weeks of my pregnancy were spent waking at midnight and 3am to feed our newborn foster baby. Those days were the absolute worst! I remember one day while driving, I thought I didn't have my glasses on because everything was out of focus. These days, I'm usually able to grab a nap and I sleep about 12-14 hours a night. It really helps with my nausea!

These two boys make me pretty happy and are usually a wonderful distraction from my belly aches.

Books and Shows! : Like a sick person, I need to be distracted by my illness. The more quiet a room is, the more aware I am of my aching belly. This year, I am committed to reading through the Bible chronologically so I've got plenty of reading to do each day! Favorite shows lately are Nashville and Project Runway (both on Hulu!).

Strawberries! : Every morning, I wake up and eat a few strawberries. They're so delicious and really help me to feel better.

Anyone have an amazing secret to fighting the first trimester woes?


  1. I wish. :) Eat what you can, when you can, and remember it won't last forever! I couldn't drink water until week 17 this time. But I could drink Gatorade & sweetened lemon tea. Maybe not the best, but better than being dehydrated! I tried the sea bands this time, but alas, they didn't work. With my 2nd baby, taking walks in the morning helped a lot. I don't know if it was the distraction, like you said, or just the fresh air. Too bad my first trimester was in the middle of winter this time!

  2. eating is key! i do that all the time :) i had an afternoon of fresh air yesterday and it did this mama good! first trimester while stuck indoors during the winter is awful!! so glad you're past that jen!

  3. Congratulation, mama! It's a bit counterintuitive, but walking really helped me combat my all-day sickness during the first trimester. It was all I could do to drag myself to the park, but once I started walking the sickness subsided. I hope you start feeling well soon!

  4. I cried trying to get prenatal vitamins down my first trimester. I bought chewables for the rest of my pregnancy. Eating first thing helped me too. I'm pretty sure I consumed more toast than was healthy during the first 15 weeks. Hope this all passes quickly for you!

  5. i eat half a pb&j (toasted) every night before bed. it's the ONLY thing i actually want to eat at night, ah! now that the weather is nicer, i'm looking forward to being outdoors with the boys. it helps so much!