Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Me and ALL My Boys

One night, there were two little boys, giggling with daddy and reading books.
{those are silly glasses by the way...}

All of a sudden, we're up at 6am with three little boys. Thankfully, they are still giggling with daddy :)

With fostering, things change over night. You had plans for the weekend? Gone. Heck, plans for the afternoon? Haha, not anymore. Your world is turned upside down and suddenly, you're week is filled with appointments instead of play dates.

After a weekend in the NICU, our new littlest foster placement is home and fitting right in. It always takes a few days to get used to a new person in the house, to learn their language and get better at stepping over the baby seat instead of stubbing your toe on it.

This particular case is very new. There are lots of unanswered questions and the future is still unclear. For now, we are camping out as a family of 5.


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