Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What HE Wore - Elijah's Style

Having a baby in the house seems to put years on my boys. Elijah is Mr. Helper, very responsible and always worried about the baby. He'll tell you he's 4 and a HALF, but he acts much more like he's 8. Oh, and he's just so handsome! I enjoy our lunches together while the little ones nap. Is it sad that he's my source for grown up conversation?

Elijah has been more interested in choosing his own outfits. He often gravitates toward button down shirts and this one is his favorite:

Shirt : Goodwill, $1; Sean John Brand
Gray undershirt : Goodwill, $1
Jeans : Hand-me downs
Shoe/boots : Target Clearance, $8; Cherokee

Total : $10

"I like my shoe-boots because I can run in them like shoes, but I can play in puddles just like my rain boots. That way my feets don't get wet because they're water-proof which means no waters can ever get inside."

Now that Lazzy's hair is almost pony tail length, Elijah has decided to grow his hair out, too. He visits the bathroom to water his hair so it's "styled". Oh we go!

Maybe I'll get dressed this week and have an outfit to share next Wednesday. Maybe, Elijah will help me out!

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  1. He is such a big boy! You got great deals on his great outfit!
    Stopping by from link up.

  2. he is SOOO handsome! I just love his hair!

  3. Love the button up! I like Eli's style, very boy cool!

  4. My 4 year old is taking more of an interest in clothes too! He loves a similar button down which is blue. Its fun to see them want to get dressed isn't it? What a handsome guy. Thanks for linking up!